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Duct Construction and Uses
Discussion in fabricating and use of products that move air including spiral pipe, duct board and typical sheet metal work.

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Old 01-17-2016, 10:46 AM
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Default Insulating/Sealing duct

In trying to continue to up the quality of my work, I've started paying more attention to tightening up my work. I've been sealing the connections to the furnace with HVAC silicone and taping the joints (s& drive and round pipe). I've been caulking the seams on the boots also. In unconditioned space I double wrap with foil faced bubble wrap (not sure of brand). Am I going overboard or is there something else I could do? I'm a one man shop and not set up to line duct. I use a combination of purchased and handmade w/ pittsburg rect. duct and fittings. so I'm wondering if the seams should be sealed. Looking for thoughts/ideas from those smarter than I . Thanks for any suggestions or input. John
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Old 03-10-2016, 02:12 PM
b.c.tinbasher b.c.tinbasher is offline
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Default Seal it!

Always good practice to seal your joints, helps ensure the air gets to where it is supposed to go. Caulking; I assume you mean with a caulking gun, is probably more work than applying duct sealer from a can with a paint brush.
Sealant can hide a few "sins" as well, if artfully applied
We would occasionally use caulking on the small end of round duct connections, so the sealant is hidden, for exposed ducts.

As for insulating, not sure on the high temperature rating of foil covered "bubble wrap" but it is probably a good insulator. Will it last on a hot plenum?
We only ever used foil faced fiberglass duct wrap, 1" or 2" on the outside of ducts (6 of one, half dozen of another?)
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