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yeah i just read this why are you trying to get seal with only a year of exp? whats the point.. your going to be useless to any employer.. they will send you packing after a few weeks if you have your ticket and no xperience.. its just not wise.. with experience comes problem solving.. sheet mental is all about problem solving through experience..
you are doing yourself a great disservice..
if i hired a journeyman and sent them off to site and they could not perform like a they should they would be takes years of on the job training before you can even think about being a qualified tradesman.. the test is for apprentices not people who think they can just the jump the cue to the front and write it and boom your a journeyman!

think about it.. ! you will have a hard time finding a steady job ..not good for workplace reputaion also.. challenged the test.. didnt do the time..

imo .. i dont have respect for that and i dont think you will find many others in the trades that will give you the creds.. i find it actually a little insulting that someone can think they go in and write and exame and boom journeyman.. i worked to hard for that to make any kind of sense to me at all..

you get no help from me boo hooo!

and no soup for you either!
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